Personal Fitness Training in Ventura ca

     I have been a long time resident of Ventura, Ca. and have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years. When I’m not helping my clients or working out in the gym, I enjoy road cycling, golf, dance, hiking, gardening, cooking, traveling and being creative. My training philosophy is centered around lifestyle change. I approach each client as an individual and consider and respect each persons mental, physical, emotional and lifestyle variables when designing and implementing a program. I believe in a balanced, progressive approach to training and incorporate elements of strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, power, speed, agility and coordination ( and oh yes, FUN! ) into each program I design. To keep motivation high and workouts challenging, safe and effective I make regular use of assessments, tracking, intuition, positive reinforcement, educational handouts and open communication. My no nonsense approach to weight loss and nutrition is refreshingly sensible, scientifically sound and psychologically up-lifting. I absolutely believe that the right exercise program along with proper eating habits done consistently with expert guidance can completely and safely reshape the body, greatly improve health, rehab injuries, correct body alignment and improve virtually every aspect of life at any age! So, if you're ready........ LET'S TRAIN!! CALL 805 320-2536 TODAY!