$299 6 weeks

A cost effective, kick butt workout for groups of 6-10 people. 3 DAYS PER WEEK.‚Äč 

May 1 thru October 31

Bullet proof bootcamp

Personal Training packages

One on one           10 SESSIONS          $600

Partner                 10 SESSIONS          $350 each

(2 people)   

Group                     10 sessions         $300-250 each

(3-4 people)

Additional services

Nutritional Counseling  

Home Gym Design

Large Group Training

Physical Education Classes

Periodized Program Design

In Home Training

Lifestyle Coaching

Motivational Speaking


805 320-2536

All sessions are 1 hr 15 min. Minimum 2 days per week.

ventura, CA

Services w/ training

Fitness Evaluation & Assessments

Body Composition & Measurements

Nutritional Counseling

Heart Rate Training

Weekly Weigh Ins

Individual Program Design

Tracking of Results

Lifestyle Coaching

Expert Motivation & Guidance

Free Weekly Hikes For Clients